Index of Spells by Level - Clr 9

Save - Res Level Comps
Dur Range Recharge
Astral Projection (M)
None - Yes Clr 9, Sor/Wiz 9, Travel 9 V, S, M
See text Touch General

Projects you and others onto Astral Plane.

Energy Drain
Fortitude partial; see text - Yes Clr 9, Sor/Wiz 9 V, S
Instant Close General

Subject gains 2d4 negative levels.

Will negates - Yes Clr 9, Sor/Wiz 9 V, S
1 min./level (D) Touch; see text 30 minutes

Travel to Ethereal Plane with companions.

None - No Clr 9, Glory 9, Sor/Wiz 9 V, S, M
Instant or concentration (up to 1 round/level); see text Medium General

Connects two planes for travel or summoning.

Mass Heal
Will negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) Clr 9, Healing 9 V, S
Instant Close General

As heal, but affects 1 subject/level.

Fortitude negates - Yes Clr 9, Destruction 9 V, S
Concentration (up to 1 round per 2 levels) Close General

Inflict 10 damage/level to one creature/round.

See text - Yes Clr 9, Community 9, Luck 9 V, S; see text
See text See text General

Requests a deity's intercession.

Soul Bind
Will negates - No Clr 9, Sor/Wiz 9 V, S, F
Permanent Close General

Traps newly dead soul to prevent resurrection.

Storm of Vengeance
See text - Yes Clr 9, Drd 9, Nobility 9, Weather 9 V, S
Concentration (maximum 10 rounds) (D) Long General

Storm rains acid, lightning, and hail.

Summon Monster IX
None - No Chaos 9, Clr 9, Evil 9, Good 9, Law 9, Sor/Wiz 9 V, S, F/DF
1 round/level (D) Close General

Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you.

True Resurrection (M)
None, see text - Yes (harmless) Clr 9 V, S, M, DF
Instant Touch General

As resurrection, plus remains aren't needed.