Index of Spells by Domain - Protection


Name: Protection

Granted Power: Your faith is your greatest source of protection, and you can use that faith to defend others. In addition, you receive a +1 resistance bonus on saving throws. This bonus increases by 1 for every 5 levels you possess. Resistant Touch (Sp): As a standard action, you can touch an ally to grant him your resistance bonus for 1 minute. When you use this ability, you lose your resistance bonus granted by the Protection domain for 1 minute. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier. Aura of Protection (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of protection for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. You and your allies within this aura gain a +1 deflection bonus to AC and resistance 5 against all elements (acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic). The deflection bonus increases by +1 for every four cleric levels you possess beyond 8th. At 14th level, the resistance against all elements increases to 10. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Save - Res Level Comps
Dur Range Recharge
Will negates - No Clr 1, Protection 1 V, S, DF
1 round/level Touch 5 minutes

Opponents can't attack you, and you can't attack.

Shield Other (F)
Will negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) Clr 2, Community 2, Pal 2, Protection 2 V, S, F
1 hour/level (D) Close 24 hours

You take half of subject's damage.

Protection from Energy
Fortitude negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) Clr 3, Drd 3, Luck 3, Protection 3, Rgr 2, Sor/Wiz 3 V, S, DF
10 min./level or until discharged Touch 1 hour

Absorbs 12 points/level of damage from one kind of energy.

Spell Immunity
Will negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) Clr 4, Protection 4, Strength 4 V, S, DF
10 min./level Touch 1 hour

Subject is immune to one spell per 4 levels.

Spell Resistance
Will negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) Clr 5, Magic 5, Protection 5 V, S, DF
1 min./level Touch 30 minutes

Subject gains SR 12 + level.

Antimagic Field
None - See text Clr 8, Magic 6, Protection 6, Sor/Wiz 6 V, S, M/DF
10 min./level (D) 10 ft. General

Negates magic within 10 ft.

Repulsion (F)
Will negates - Yes Clr 7, Nobility 7, Protection 7, Sor/Wiz 6 V, S, F/DF
1 round/level (D) Up to 10 ft./level General

Creatures can't approach you.

Mind Blank
Will negates (harmless) - Yes (harmless) Liberation 8, Protection 8, Sor/Wiz 8 V, S
24 hours Close 12 hours

Subject is protected from mental/emotional magic and scrying.

Prismatic Sphere
See text - See text Artifice 9, Protection 9, Sor/Wiz 9, Sun 9 V, S
10 min./level (D) 10 ft. General

As prismatic wall, but surrounds on all sides.