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Source Books

Source Books

Advanced Player's Guide 0010000Yes
Andrew Schenkelberg 0000000Yes
Cypren 0000000Yes
Encyclopeadia Arcane: Necromancy 0000000No
Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, Empire of Devils 0010000Yes
Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer 0020000Yes
Rod of Seven Parts 0000000No
Wizards of the Coast Website 0000000No
Dragon Annual #501/01/2000 0000000No
Sword and Fist01/01/2000 0000000No
Spellbook Archive09/01/2000 0000000No
SeanKReynolds.com01/01/2001 0000000Yes
Defenders of the Faith05/01/2001 0000000No
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting06/01/2001 0000000No
Tome and Blood07/01/2001 0000000No
Magic of Faerun08/01/2001 0000000No
Mintiper's Chapbook08/29/2001 0000000No
Manual of the Planes09/01/2001 0000000No
Oriental Adventures10/01/2001 0000000No
Lords of Darkness11/01/2001 0000000No
Song and Silence12/01/2001 0000000No
Masters of the Wild02/01/2002 0000000No
Bastion of Broken Souls03/01/2002 0000000No
Legend & Lairs: Spells & Spellcraft03/01/2002 0000000No
Faiths and Pantheons05/01/2002 0000000No
Stronghold Builder's Guidebook05/01/2002 0000000No
Book of Challenges06/01/2002 0000000No
Epic Level Handbook07/01/2002 0000000No
Silver Marches Web Enhancement07/01/2002 0000000No
Far Corners of the World07/20/2002 0000000No
City of the Spider Queen09/01/2002 0000000No
Monster Manual II09/01/2002 0000000No
Book of Vile Darkness10/01/2002 0000000No
Savage Species02/01/2003 0000000No
Arms and Equipment Guide03/01/2003 0000000No
Races of Faerun03/01/2003 0000000No
Fiend Folio04/01/2003 0000000No
Unapproachable East05/01/2003 0000000No
Ghostwalk06/01/2003 0000000No
Ghostwalk Web Enhancement06/01/2003 0000000No
Monster Manual 3.507/01/2003 0000000No
System Reference Document07/01/2003 00000042Yes
Book of Exalted Deeds10/01/2003 0000000No
Miniatures Handbook10/01/2003 0000000No
Underdark10/01/2003 0000000No
Draconomicon11/01/2003 0000000No
Complete Warrior12/01/2003 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #31412/01/2003 0000000No
The Book of Eldritch Might01/22/2004 0000000No
Unearthed Arcana02/01/2004 0000000Yes
Magic Books of Faerun02/18/2004 0000000No
Player's Guide to Faerun03/01/2004 0000000No
Complete Divine05/01/2004 0000000No
Eberron Campaign Setting06/01/2004 0000000No
Planar Handbook07/01/2004 0000000No
Serpent Kingdoms07/01/2004 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32208/01/2004 0000000No
Races of Stone08/01/2004 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32309/01/2004 0000000No
Frostburn09/01/2004 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32410/01/2004 0000000No
Libris Mortis10/01/2004 0000000No
Shining South10/01/2004 0000000No
Complete Arcane11/01/2004 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32511/01/2004 0000000No
Sharn: City of Towers11/01/2004 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32612/01/2004 0000000No
Races of Destiny12/01/2004 0000000No
Complete Adventurer01/01/2005 1000000No
Dragon Magazine #32701/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32802/01/2005 0000000No
Lost Empires of Faerun02/01/2005 0000000No
Races of the Wild02/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #32903/01/2005 0000000No
Sandstorm03/01/2005 0000000No
Lords of Madness04/01/2005 0000000No
Races of Eberron04/01/2005 0000000No
Champions of Ruin05/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33105/01/2005 0000000No
Heroes of Battle05/01/2005 0000000No
City of Splendors: Waterdeep06/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33206/01/2005 0000000No
Dungeon Master's Guide II06/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33307/01/2005 0000000No
Weapons of Legacy07/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33408/01/2005 0000000No
Explorer's Handbook08/01/2005 0000000No
Stormwrack08/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33509/01/2005 0000000No
Magic of Incarnum09/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33610/01/2005 0000000No
Heroes of Horror10/01/2005 0000000No
Magic of Eberron10/01/2005 0000000No
Champions of Valor11/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33711/01/2005 0000000No
Andrew Bay12/01/2005 0000002Yes
Dragon Magazine #33812/01/2005 0000000No
Spell Compendium12/01/2005 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #33901/01/2006 0000000No
Player's Guide to Eberron01/01/2006 0000000No
Races of the Dragon01/01/2006 0000000No
Power of Faerun03/01/2006 0000000No
Tome of Magic03/01/2006 0000000No
Complete Psionic04/01/2006 0000000No
Player's Handbook II05/01/2006 0000000No
Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss06/01/2006 0000000No
Mysteries of the Moonsea06/01/2006 0000000No
Monster Manual IV07/01/2006 0000000No
Secrets of Xen’drik07/01/2006 0000000No
Dragons of Faerun08/01/2006 0000000No
Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords08/01/2006 0000000No
Dragon Magic09/01/2006 0000000No
Faiths of Eberron09/01/2006 0000000No
Complete Mage10/01/2006 0000000No
Cityscape11/01/2006 0000000No
Complete Scoundrel01/30/2007 0000000No
Barrow of the Forgotten King02/01/2007 0000000No
City of Peril04/01/2007 0000000No
Complete Champion05/01/2007 0000000No
Drow of the Underdark05/01/2007 0000000No
Expedition to Undermountain06/01/2007 0000000No
The Forge of War06/01/2007 0000000No
The Sinister Spire06/01/2007 0000000No
Dragon Magazine #35807/01/2007 0000000No
Monster Manual V07/01/2007 0000000No
Shadowdale: The Scouring of the Land07/01/2007 0000000No
Pathfinder RPG (Closed)08/13/2009 0002000No
Pathfinder RPG (Open)08/13/2009 14623190762355026Yes