Rope of Entanglement

NameRope of Entanglement
Sorted NameRope of Entanglement
Item Slot-
Price21,000 gp
Price as Gold Pieces21000
Creation Cost10,500 gp
Weight5 lbs.
AuraAura strong transmutation
Caster Level12th
SourcesPathfinder RPG (Open)

Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, animate rope or entangle


A rope of entanglement looks just like any other hempen rope about 30 feet long. Upon command, the rope lashes forward 20 feet or upward 10 feet to entangle a victim. An entangled creature can break free with a DC 20 Strength check or a DC 20 Escape Artist check.

A rope of entanglement has AC 22, 12 hit points, hardness 10, and damage reduction 5/slashing. The rope repairs damage to itself at a rate of 1 point per 5 minutes, but if a rope of entanglement is severed (all 12 hit points lost to damage), it is destroyed.



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