Cubic Gate

NameCubic Gate
Sorted NameCubic Gate
Item Slot-
Price164,000 gp
Price as Gold Pieces164000
Creation Cost82,000 gp
Weight2 lbs.
AuraAura strong conjuration
Caster Level13th
SourcesPathfinder RPG (Open)

Craft Wondrous Item, plane shift


This potent magical item is a small cube fashioned from carnelian. Each of the six sides of the cube is keyed to a different plane of existence or dimension, one of which is the Material Plane. The character creating the item chooses the planes to which the other five sides are keyed.

If a side of the cubic gate is pressed once, it opens a gate to a random point on the plane keyed to that side. There is a 10% chance per minute that an outsider from that plane (determine randomly) comes through it looking for food, fun, or trouble. Pressing the side a second time closes the gate . It is impossible to open more than one gate at a time.

If a side is pressed twice in quick succession, the character so doing is transported to a random point on the other plane, along with all creatures in adjacent squares. The other creatures may avoid this fate by succeeding on DC 23 Will saves.



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