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Cube of Force

Cube of Force

NameCube of Force
Sorted NameCube of Force
Item Slot-
Price62,000 gp
Price as Gold Pieces62000
Creation Cost31,000 gp
Weight1/2 lb.
AuraAura moderate evocation
Caster Level10th
SourcesPathfinder RPG (Open)

Craft Wondrous Item, wall of force


This device is just under an inch across and can be made of ivory, bone, or any hard mineral. Typically, each of the cube's faces are polished smooth, but sometimes they are etched with runes. The device enables its possessor to put up a special cube made up of 6 individual wall of force spells, 10 feet on a side around her person. This cubic screen moves with the character and is impervious to the attack forms mentioned on the table below. The cube has 36 charges when fully charged-charges used are automatically renewed each day. The possessor presses one face of the cube to activate a particular type of screen or to deactivate the device. Each effect costs a certain number of charges to maintain for every minute (or portion of a minute) it is in operation. Also, when an effect is active, the possessor's speed is limited to the maximum value given on the table.

When the cube of force is active, attacks dealing more than 30 points of damage drain 1 charge for every 10 points of damage beyond 30 that they deal. The charge cost to maintain each of the cube's six walls is summarized below.

Cube FaceCharge Cost per MinuteMax. SpeedEffect
1130 ft.Keeps out gases, wind, etc.
2220 ft.Keeps out nonliving matter
3315 ft.Keeps out living matter
4410 ft.Keeps out magic
5610 ft.Keeps out all things
60As normalDeactivates

Spells that affect the integrity of the screen also drain extra charges. These spells cannot be cast into or out of the cube.

Attack FormExtra Charges
Disintegrate 6
Horn of blasting6
Passwall 3
Phase door 5
Prismatic spray 7
Wall of fire 2


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