Crystal Ball (with detect thoughts)

NameCrystal Ball (with detect thoughts)
Sorted NameCrystal Ball (with detect thoughts)
Item Slot-
Price51,000 gp
Price as Gold Pieces51000
Creation Cost25,500 gp
Weight7 lbs.
AuraAura moderate divination
Caster Level10th
SourcesPathfinder RPG (Open)

Craft Wondrous Item, scrying (plus any additional spells put into item)


This is the most common form of scrying device, a crystal sphere about 6 inches in diameter. So well-known are these items that many so-called oracles or fortune-tellers use similar appearing (but completely non-magical) replicas of these items to ply their trades. A character can use a magical crystal ball to see over virtually any distance or into other planes of existence, as with the spell scrying (Will DC 16 negates). A crystal ball can be used multiple times per day, but the DC to resist its power decreases by 1 for each additional use.

Certain crystal balls have additional powers that can be used through the crystal ball on the target viewed.

Crystal Ball TypeMarket Price
Crystal ball 42,000 gp
Crystal ball with see invisibility 50,000 gp
Crystal ball with telepathy *70,000 gp
Crystal ball with true seeing 80,000 gp
Crystal ball with detect thoughts 51,000 gp
* The viewer is able to send and receive silent mental messages with the person appearing in the crystal ball. Once per day, the character may attempt to implant a suggestion (as the spell, Will DC 14 negates) as well.


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