Carpet of Flying (5 ft. by 10 ft.)

NameCarpet of Flying (5 ft. by 10 ft.)
Sorted NameCarpet of Flying (5 ft. by 10 ft.)
Item Slot-
Price35,000 gp
Price as Gold Pieces35000
Creation Cost17,500 gp
Weight10 lbs.
AuraAura moderate transmutation
Caster Level10th
SourcesPathfinder RPG (Open)

Craft Wondrous Item, overland flight


This rug is able to fly through the air as if affected by an overland flight spell of unlimited duration. The size, carrying capacity, and speed of the different carpets of flying are shown on the table below. Beautifully and intricately made, each carpet has its own command word to activate it-if the device is within voice range, the command word activates it, whether the speaker is on the rug or not. The carpet is then controlled by spoken directions.

SizeCapacitySpeedWeightMarket Price
5 ft. by 5 ft.200 lbs.40 ft.8 lbs.20,000 gp
5 ft. by 10 ft.400 lbs.40 ft.10 lbs.35,000 gp
10 ft. by 10 ft.800 lbs.40 ft.15 lbs.60,000 gp

A carpet of flying can carry up to double its capacity, but doing so reduces its speed to 30 feet. A carpet of flying can hover without making a Fly skill check and gives a +5 bonus to other Fly checks.



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