Index of Spells by Level - Drd 5

Name Scl Sv Rs Dur CT Rng Re Description
Animal Growth T F- Y 1m/l 1a M G

One animal doubles in size.

Atonement (F) A N Y ! 1h T G

Removes burden of misdeeds from subject.

Awaken (M) T W- Y ! 24h T G

Animal or tree gains human intellect.

Baleful Polymorph T F-W~ Y P 1a C G

Turns subject into harmless animal.

Call Lightning Storm Ev Y 1m/l 1r L G

As call lightning, but 5d6 damage per bolt.

Commune with Nature D N N ! 10m P 6h

Learn about terrain for 1 mile/level.

Control Winds T F- N 10m/l 1a 40f/l 4h

Changes wind direction and speed.

Cure Critical Wounds C Y;* ! 1a T G

Cures 4d8 damage + 1/level (max +20).

Death Ward N W- Y 1m/l 1a T 5m

Grants bonuses against death spells and negative energy.

Hallow (M) Ev+ N * ! 24h T G

Designates location as holy.

Insect Plague C N N 1m/l 1r L 5m

Wasp swarms attack creatures.

Stoneskin (M) A W- Y 10m/l# 1a T G

Grants DR 10/adamantine.

Summon Nature's Ally V C N N 1r/l* 1r C G

Summons creature to fight.

Transmute Mud to Rock T N N P 1a M 6h

Transforms two 10-ft. cubes per level.

Transmute Rock to Mud T N N P;x 1a M 6h

Transforms two 10-ft. cubes per level.

Tree Stride C N N 1h/l#;x 1a P 24h

Step from one tree to another far away.

Unhallow (M) Ev- N * ! 24h T G

Designates location as unholy.

Wall of Fire Ev N Y C+1r/l 1a M G

Deals 2d4 fire damage out to 10 ft. and 1d4 out to 20 ft. Passing through wall deals 2d6 damage +1/level.

Wall of Thorns C N N 10m/l* 1a M G

Thorns damage anyone who tries to pass.