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Index of Items by Slot - head

Index of Items by Slot - head

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Circlet of Persuasion Wondrous     4,500 gp 
Crown of Blasting, Major Wondrous     23,760 gp 
Crown of Blasting, Minor Wondrous     6,480 gp 
Hat of Disguise Wondrous     1,800 gp 
Helm of Brilliance Wondrous     125,000 gp 
Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic Wondrous     5,200 gp 
Helm of Opposite Alignment Cursed     unknown 
Helm of Telepathy Wondrous     27,000 gp 
Helm of Teleportation Wondrous     73,500 gp 
Helm of Underwater Action Wondrous     24,000 gp 
Mask of the Skull Wondrous     22,000 gp