Index of Items by Slot - feet

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Boots of Dancing Cursed     unknown 
Boots of Elvenkind Wondrous     2,500 gp 
Boots of Levitation Wondrous     7,500 gp 
Boots of Speed Wondrous     12,000 gp 
Boots of Striding and Springing Wondrous     5,500 gp 
Boots of Teleportation Wondrous     49,000 gp 
Boots of the Winterlands Wondrous     2,500 gp 
Boots, Winged Wondrous     16,000 gp 
Horseshoes of a Zephyr Wondrous     6,000 gp 
Horseshoes of Speed Wondrous     3,000 gp 
Slippers of Spider Climbing Wondrous     4,800 gp