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Index of Glossary by Type - Ability

Index of Glossary by Type - Ability

Name Type
Monk AC Bonus Ability
Ninja AC Bonus Ability
Acclimated Ability
Arcane Bond Ability
Arcane School Ability
Bardic Distraction Ability
Bardic Fascinate Ability
Bardic Knowledge Ability
Bardic Performance Ability
Class Benefit Ability
Feat Benefit Ability
Racial Benefit Ability
Channel Energy Ability
Countersong Ability
Damage Reduction Ability
Darkvision Ability
Defensive Training Ability
Elven Magic Ability
Evasion Ability
Fast Healing Ability
Monk Fast Movement Ability
Favored Class Hitpoint Ability
Favored Class Skill Point Ability
Flurry of Blows Ability
Hide in Plain Sight Ability
Immunity Ability
Inspire Competence Ability
Inspire Courage Ability
Ninja Ki Power Ability
Lore Master Ability
Low-Light Vision Ability
Superior Low-Light Vision Ability
Lycanthropic Empathy Ability
Monk Maneuver Training Ability
Mountain Movement Ability
Powerful Build Ability
Rage Ability
Barbarian Rage Powers Ability
Resistance Ability
Scent Ability
Situational Save Modifiers Ability
Sneak Attack Ability
Spell Level Ability
Extra Spell Slots Ability
Spell-Like Ability Ability
Spells Ability
Spells Known Ability
Still Mind Ability
Trapfinding Ability
Uncanny Dodge Ability
Versatile Performance Ability
Well-Versed Ability