Index of Feats by Name Letters - F

Name Prerequisites Benefit
Far Shot

Point-Blank Shot.

You only suffer a –1 penalty per full range increment between you and your target when using a ranged weapon.


While you are wearing light or no armor, your base speed increases by 5 feet. You lose the benefits of this feat if you carry a medium or heavy load.

Flyby Attack Fly speed. When flying, the creature can take a move action and another standard action at any point during the move. The creature cannot take a second move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack.  
Forge Ring

Caster level 7th.

You can create magic rings. Crafting a ring takes 1 day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. To craft a ring, you must use up raw materials costing half of the base price. See the magic item creation rules in Magic Items for more information.

You can also mend a broken ring if it is one that you could make. Doing so costs half the raw materials and half the time it would take to forge that ring in the first place.