Index of Spells by Name Letters - V

Save - Res Level Comps
Dur Range Recharge
Vampiric touch
None - Yes Sor/Wiz 3 V, S
Instant/1 hour; see text Touch General

Touch deals 1d6 damage per two levels; caster gains damage as temporary hp.

Will negates; see text - Yes; see text Brd 6, Sor/Wiz 6 V, S
Concentration + 1 hour/level (D) Long 12 hours

Changes appearance of group of creatures.

Will disbelief (if interacted with) - No Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 1 V, F
1 min./level (D) Close 5 minutes

Throws voice for 1 min./level.

None - Yes (harmless) Clr 0, Drd 0, Pal 1 V, S, DF
1 min. Touch 5 minutes

Subject gains 1 temporary hp.

Vision (M) (F)
- Sor/Wiz 7 V, S, M, F
See text Personal 6 hours

As legend lore, but quicker.